Oltremare the park where the earth and sea hold hands

To visit the Parco Oltremare (Overseas park) is like going on a journey to discover natural environments and spaces that beautify the world we live in with their spectacularity.
This extraordinary park at the gates of Rimini and just a few steps from our hotel, is in fact a colourful puzzle made of different worlds and atmospheres whose pieces are to be discovered and experienced one by one so that the memory of an unforgettably exciting day can remain fixed in the mind. 
At the Laguna dei Delfini (Delphin lagoon) you will find yourself face-to-face with Ulysses, the mischievous dolphin, and his family of 11 Mediterranean dolphins who will share nosedives, splashes and very amusing water games with you.
The main sections to explore in the park are two: Pianeta Tera (planet earth) and Pianeta Mare (planet sea).
Pianeta Terra (planet earth) is an experience that guides you to the discovery of the foundation of the earth and of its evolution, starting from the development of the galaxies and continuing with the extinction of dinosaurs and the birth of the first mammals: an exciting journey in the meanders of history.
Pianeta Mare (planet sea) is a section of the park dedicated to marine species, inhabitants of all types and sizes ranging from large sharks to the most colourful species that live in the Adriatic Sea.   
Hippocampus is a sphere containing 9 colourful and multi-shaped habitats where it is possible to observe strange and extravagant creatures, from sea horses to pipefish. 
Darwin’s lost valley, inside a large glass dome, houses a veritable pre-historical rain forest where time seems to have stood still and where, along its trails, you can meet strange and incredible creatures, the ancestors of modern animals.  
Amongst the other attractions of Oltremare there is the Delta, where as well as observing the species that inhabit this environment, you can relax by eating a picnic or simply lying on the grass; and the Fattoria (the farm) with domestic farm animals and much, much more. 
Last but not least, the amazing Imax cinema shows three-dimensional films that envelop the public and project it directly at the centre of the documentary scene in an impressive effect that seems real.

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