Italia in miniatura

Italia in Miniatura (Miniature Italy) a small park with great attractions

In the surprising Riviera Romagnola (Romagnola Riviera) it is possible to visit parks with unique attractions, designed for the fun and relaxation of adults and children and involving them in perfectly recreated and surprising worlds. 
Definitely one of the most charming theme parks in Emilia Romagna is Italia in Miniatura (miniature Italy) a small world where as soon as you walk in you can enjoy the pleasure of discovering a route that, between monuments and games, takes you through an exhilarating journey, a total immersion in history, culture and art across our beautiful Country: Italy.
By walking along trails flanked by well-kept vegetation you will find yourself facing the most beautiful monuments in the Country: the Milan Cathedral, the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, the Teatro Reggio (Reggio Theatre) of Parma, the Teatro Greco (Greek theatre) of Siracusa and much more.
There is also a recently constructed section dedicated to foreign monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Saint Paul's Cathedral in London.

We are talking about splendid and meticulous scale reproductions that are fun and let you learn and discover places that it would otherwise be impossible to visit in just one day. 
The Monorotaia Arcobaleno (Arcobaleno monorail) gives visitors the opportunity of visiting the entire area from a height of 6 metres, while the voice of a guide explains the characteristics of the monuments that can be observed.
“Italia in Miniatura” offers much more. You can take part in a relaxing crossing over the canals of Venezia in Miniatura (miniature Venice); enter the Lunapark della Scienza(science fair) to discover, thanks to the help of amusing characters, the secrets of science; ride the exciting water courses of the Canoe attractions and get into the exhilarating water battles between the castles and the drawbridges ofCannonacqua (water cannon).
In Piazza Italia (Italia Square) amusing and extravagant shows entertain guests while the Laser and Music Show combines music and coloured lights to create a spectacular and really exceptional atmosphere. 
The fun does not end here because there are so many attractions waiting for you at "Italia in Miniatura" that we will leave the pleasure of discovering and experiencing them to you. We look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Residence Le Viole,just a short walk from the famous theme park.

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