Aquafan: fun in and out of the water

Aquafan is the water fun world, a circuit of colourfulswimming pools and exciting slides that are capable of involving and attracting the attention of thousands of visitors every year in the marvellous backdrop of the Riviera Romagnola (Romagnola riviera), where our hotel is located.
Routes, slides, entertainment, games and music blend to create an explosive cocktail that transforms the water park into a continuous festival where adults and children can choose their attractions and amusements.
Starting from the most spectacular and exciting slides with their exaggerated sloping angles and most unpredictable courses that are just waiting for the most reckless risk lovers: Kamikaze, the symbol of Aquafan, consists in two 90-metre long slides in which you reach a speed of 65 km/h; River Run, to experience the excitement of river rapids sitting in a rubber dinghy; orSpeed Riul, a ride that alternates tubes and funnels and in which you reach a speed of 70 km/h only to be sucked in again and continue descending; or then again Extreme River, a descent ramp to ride in a rubber dinghy in which you have the impression of falling in empty space at a high speed.
For children there are shallow, colourful and fun pools, with amusing and imaginative animals, like for example the Piscina dell’Elefante (the Elephant’s pool), where you can play with the slides of the funny pink elephant; the Antarctic baby beachthat recreates the South Pole with a bear guarding the slides; the Cartoon Network Beach where you can play in the company of cartoon characters and reach l’Arca di Noè (Noa’s ark) where you can have fun discovering the animals and then ride down the colourful slides again.
This and much more can be found in the Aquafan park without forgetting the amusing Aquadance in the Piscina ad Onde(wave pool); the spas and the small waterfalls of the Laguna di Poseidon (Poseidon’s lagoon) where you can relax completely; and again the Fiume Lento (slow river) with its relaxing current in a course that crosses a small tropical island.
The Aquafan also offers lots of service, picnic and relaxation areas, as well as a very new area for playing with video games and discovering the latest trends and gadgets for multimedia and music.

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